Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons........................

Welcome to my pity party!

Life just hasn't been going well for me this summer so I'm having myself a good ole pity party!  You're allowed to do that once in awhile.

As you know last month I broke my toe.  You can read about that here.  Thankfully it has finally healed and I can start exercising again next week.  This week is my first time back in my flip flops and I'm really excited about that!

Now, on to the not so good news, thus the reason for my pity party.

Last Fall we bought this beautiful 32 foot 5th wheel camper with 3 slide-outs.

There were some things we had to do this past Spring before we could take it buy a truck to haul it!  We did that in April.  Then we had to get it insured, registered......blah, blah, blah.  Our first trip with it was scheduled to begin August 16th for 9 glorious days at Nick's Lake Campground in Old Forge, NY.  We've been camping there many times with our previous 19 footer.

We had checked the weather and it was to be beautiful for that week, perfect, in fact.  We had the camper all loaded and ready to go.  And, then it happened!  

Henry pushed the button to raise the front of the camper so he could back the truck under it to hook up the hitch and it wouldn't raise!  Now, mind you, he had just moved it from one spot in our yard closer to the house for loading a few weeks prior with no problem.  He tore into it to find out the problem.  He's handy like that.  The conclusion was he couldn't fix it that day, maybe tomorrow, because he needed parts he didn't have.  So, I called the campground and  told them we would be a day late.  This was on Friday.  Early Saturday morning we drove 90 minutes to the closest Camping World for parts.  Can you believe it, on a Saturday when most people are working on things and need parts, no one was in the parts department.  The guy working said to call on Monday because he had no idea what would be needed and it would take at least a week to get the parts in.  Are you kidding me?  Back home we went.  Henry got online to an RV parts supplier, called them up and they shipped the parts we needed that day.  The bad news is they wouldn't be here until Thursday.  Needless to say we had to cancel our reservation.  Luckily we only lost $40 out of $207!  Even worse news is the parts cost us $500!  The camper is now fixed and we are hoping to go camping sometime in September.

We tried to make the best of it by working on the spare bedroom that had been neglected since I broke my toe.

Just when you thought my story was over.............. Last summer I fell when the steps going off our deck collapsed on me.  I had mentioned to Henry a few weeks earlier that I thought they felt a little wobbly.  He checked them out and said they were fine.  Apparently, they weren't!  When I fell, I injured the rotator cuff of my right shoulder.  I ended up going to Physical Therapy for about a month and all was well...........until late June, early July this year. I noticed my shoulder began aching again so off to the doctor I went.  He ordered an MRI which showed I have a tear in the tendon of the rotator cuff.  If anyone has had this kind of injury it can be very painful especially at night when you're trying to sleep.  The only way to repair it is surgery.  On September 12th I will be having surgery.  I will be in a sling for awhile along with more Physical Therapy.  My doctor said it is a 6 month recovery period.  Can anything more happen?  I sure hope not!

Since receiving this news I have been working like a mad woman to get that spare bedroom finished.  I'm not sharing any pictures yet, but it's getting there.

Now, I have some good news to share.  August 30th will be Henry's last day of work.  After 35 years of working in the IT field he is retiring and we couldn't be happier.  The main reason we bought the bigger camper is because we will be going to Florida for 3 months this upcoming winter.  We will be gone January, February and March.  Can you say EXCITED! 

  Right now I don't know how this will effect my blogging, not that I've been doing a lot of that lately anyways.  Because, as you know I've been too involved in my pity party!  With having surgery I won't be able to do any projects for a little bit so I'm thinking the blog will be pretty quiet for awhile.

I really do enjoy sharing my projects with you and especially love all the comments my wonderful followers leave.  I sure hope you will hang in there with me.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Laurie:
    Don't fret, it is easy to look at all the bad things, but just think, your best friend will be with you now that he is retiring. He will be able to baby you and treat you special. Feel better. Will be praying for a speedy recovery.
    Lisa Rose

    1. Thank you Lisa Rose for your kind words. I really appreciate your prays.

  2. YAY for retirement!! That has to overshadow all the other little setbacks, right?! And yes, you are definitely entitled to a pity party now and again! ;)

    1. Yes, Kassi, it definitely does! We are really so excited about Henry retiring.

  3. sorry to hear about all the bad stuff happening, but it's really awesome that your husband is retiring and you can enjoy some "life" together down in sun land :) hopr the worst is behind you

    1. Thank you Dani. We have worked hard in our lives to get to this point and will be enjoying the rest of our life to the fullest!

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  5. Hi Laurie, its Sandy. Please tell Henry Congrats on his retirement and I wish you good luck on your surgery. Looking forward to seeing you on Oct. 25 for the murder mystery! Finally, please tell the person who wrote the anonymous comment that I said to stick it where the sun doesn't shine! The nerve of some people! Too much of a coward to print their name!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Can't wait to see you! I agree totally a coward when they post anonymously.


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