Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How I Organized My Spices

I have been working trying to organize my spices since we did our small kitchen renovation.  Yup, it's been awhile.  Since I can't do much of anything physical while my toe is healing I figured this would be a good time to get this project finished and crossed off my list.

This is what I used before to store our spices.  My husband built this for me quite a few years ago.  It was a Martha Stewart copy.  I don't believe you can even buy them any more.  He did a great job and it has served us well.  It hung on our kitchen wall.  When we renovated I had to find a new spot for the spices.

This is what my drawer looked like just a few days ago.  Not pretty and not organized!  Plus when I opened the drawer, everything slid to the back.

I wanted to reuse what I already had so I emptied the spices, washed the jars and removed the old labels.  I made sure the jars were completely dry before refilling them.

I used my Cricut to cut 1-1/4" circles from black self-adhesive vinyl.  If you don't have a Cricut, Amazon has some that you can buy.

I used my P-Touch label maker to print out the names of the spices. 

And, yes I did alphabetize them.  It wouldn't be very good organization if I didn't.

Now, I needed a way to separate the rows and keep them separated.  I had these heavy duty cardboard dividers in my craft room.  I don't remember what their original purpose was, but I held onto them in case I would need them some day.  That day came and they were perfect.  I had to trim probably about 2" off each one so they would fit snugly in the drawer. 

Now, my spices are neatly organized in a drawer right next to my stove.  This makes it so much easier when I'm cooking.  Plus it looks pretty too.     

I hope this has inspired you to organize your spices.

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  1. Love the spice organization! Want to come to my house next?? I may just have to start cleaning out a drawer so I can mimick this!! Thanks, Kathy

    1. I found it's very handy to have the spices right next to the stove. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out! Thanks for stopping in Kathy.

  2. That looks great, Laurie! It's a shame you couldn't use your rack anymore. Those jars would look adorable on the wall! You've got me motivated to do something about mine...they fall on my head when I reach for them in the cabinet. :)

    1. I did use those jars on the rack, however I don't have wall space to hang it close by the stove. This is much more convenient. I still have it, thinking I may use it in my craft room.

  3. This looks great! Love the jars and how they are marked! Thanks for sharing at TTF


  4. Awww, thanks Linda. I decided it was time to get those spices organized and I'm so very happy that I did.


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