Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Salvation Army Treasures

I  visited our local Salvation Army on Saturday.  It's actually one of two in our area, both being about a 30 minute drive.  Let me tell ya, Saturday is not the best day to go.  Talk about crowded, plus there was hardly any furniture.  Not that I need any, but hey, ya never know, if it's a good price............

Here's what I brought home.  I saw the potential of each item and the best part is I only paid .79 cents for each item.

First up are these brass candlesticks.  I have to clean the wax off them.  My plan is to paint them and I have an idea on how I'm going to use them and it's not as candlestick holders.

Next, is this planter.  It's ceramic and not old, but it has a faux patina that makes it look old.  My plan is to get a plant, maybe some herbs and set it on my kitchen window sill.

I know, you're thinking why in heck did she buy that?  I think it's cute.  I'm going to put a votive in it.  I'm thinking of removing the green leaves and if I can't I might paint them white.  What do you think?  Should I paint them or leave them green?

Have you been thrift shopping lately?  If you have, what did you find?



  1. Great treasures, Laurie. Love Salvation Army and Goodwill for thrifting. Also really like Value Village, but there isn't one close by to me.

    Following you now!!

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