Friday, February 17, 2012

Bird Wall Art

I found this idea on Pinterest.  The original idea came from  It was so simple and beautiful and I had a spot that needed something.  This seemed like the perfect thing.  The supplies I used were two 11 x 14 art canvases, Mod Podge, an old  book, black acrylic paint and a sponge brush.

I tore out pages from an old book and coated them with Mod Podge and applied them to the canvases.  I let them dry overnight.
I have to tell you that I am not able to draw at all.  I can barely draw a stick figure.  Luckily my son is an artist and knows how to use art programs such as Illustrator and Adobe.  He drew some branches for me.  I printed them off and traced around them.

I cut images of birds using my Cricut.  For the leaves, I had a rubber leaf stamp and just stamped it onto a piece of cardstock and cut it out.  I just laid it where I wanted leaves and traced around it.  I did the same for the birds.

Using the sponge brush and black acrylic paint I just painted inside the lines.  I took my time. 

Here it is on the wall in our living room.

Please visit Becca at Blue Cricket Design.  She has done some awesome projects.  Thank you Becca for inspiring me.




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  2. This is great laurie, I love it! Those sloppy Joes looks amazing, I think I know what's for dinner now!


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